Congratulations and Welcome!
Getting Guidance to Achieve Your Dreams
You're about to be surrounded by people dedicated to your success and laser focused on helping you Achieve Your Dream.
Here's what you can expect:
1) Help Getting Your Home Loan
  •  Guiding You Through The Loan Application
  •  Find You The Best Home Loan Programs Available
  •  Your Pre-Qualification Letter
  •  Close Your Home Loan In As Little As 10 days
2) Help You Stack Your Team To Win
  •  Getting You The Perfect Real Estate Agent, at a Reduced Rate
  •  Making Sure You Have A Professional Home Inspector
  • Verifying The Title and Escrow Companies are Properly Licensed
3) Guidance Through The Entire Process
  •  From Start to Finish, You'll Always Have Guidance
  •  Whether You're Buying, Selling or Doing Both
  •  We'll Set Up Your Personal Dream Home Search Engine
4) Answers to Your Questions Quickly
  •  Communication by Text In Real Time
  •  Communication By Email - Responses Given Throughout The Day
5) Weekly Phone Calls
  •  Live Q & A
  •  Status Updates
  •  Strategy Sessions
What does it cost to have your own Real Estate Advisor?
You're going to Achieve your Dream faster and easier than you ever thought possible...

PLUS you're getting so much more:

  • Reduced Real Estate Commission: As your advisor, I make the agents job easier, because of this they charge you less.  Saving you up to $6,000
  • Title Insurance Policies: Multi-Title Policy discounts. Saving you as much as $1,500
  •  Personal Real Estate Advisor:  Guidance, Knowledge and 20+Years of Experience.  $1,997
  • BONUS: The Real Estate Accelerator: "Real Estate Success in the Modern World". This is packed with Over 30 Videos of Tips and Secrets to buying and selling real estate.  $297
A Total Value of $9,794 - But keep reading ▼▼▼
I've spent 20+ years designing a system and finding what really works. When first starting out I lost Thousands of Dollars by making mistakes when buying and selling houses. 
But you DON'T have to make these mistakes and you DON'T have to lose money. 

Because you'll be using my system, using my knowledge and using my business relationships to Achieve Your Dream. PLUS, you'll also be saving money in the process. 
AND... I won't charge you anything to be your Advisor   $9,794
Here's Why...  I'm experienced at real estate, because of this it makes everything so much easier. As a member of your team, my services include being your Home Loan officer.

Here's How...  I'm going to help you assemble a winning team, including the real estate agents that will be working with you.

Everybody on your team are True Professionals, knowing their business well. And, because I'm your Real Estate Advisor, this makes their job easier.

What's Next...  I am sure you can understand that in order to serve you best, this offer is only available to a limited number of Clients each month. 

If I didn't limit the number of clients, then I'd be too busy to share my time and properly guide everyone.

We both know you're serious about making this dream a reality, so it's important that we get started right away.
Your Next Step:  Schedule a Call
We're going to schedule a phone call where we'll talk about your Dream and your Goals. 

This call will only take about 20-30 minutes and we will cover a lot of things, including answering questions that you have.

Together we will lay out your 7-Day Challenge, where we'll create a plan of action that will get you on the path of achieving your Dream. Included in your 7-Day Challenge:
  •  Dream Home Search: Never let another buyer steal your dream.
  •  Market Value: Discover what houses like yours are selling for.
  •  Top Dollar Fast: You'll learn what it takes to get Top Dollar for your house.
  •  Pre-Approval: You'll be set to buy with your Home Loan ready to go.
We'll also get you started in the on-boarding process so we can introduce you to your Dream Team.
You'll be getting immediate access to Real Estate Accelerator: Real Estate Success in the Modern World - Packed with Tips and Secrets to Buying and Selling Real Estate.

You're on your way to achieving Your Dream!

To Your Success,
  Ryan Mihld
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